LSU AgCenter Flood Maps

The Flood Maps Portal is a core element of the LSU AgCenter hazard-adaptation educational program. It is an on-line, GIS-based system developed to help the people of Louisiana adapt to a changing building environment. Following the 2005 hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, the state adopted a statewide uniform construction code based on the International Residential Code. The code, which includes flood- and wind-resistance design criteria took effect early in the rebuilding period, affecting restoration and replacement of 200,000 structures across south Louisiana.

The LSU AgCenter Flood Maps will allow you to:

  • View Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) over road maps or aerial photos
  • Compare flood elevation to ground elevation to get depth of the 100-year flood
  • Overlay different FIRM versions to see how flood zones have changed or are about to change.
  • Get the Basic Wind Speed at your site for building “to code.”
  • Learn how flood risk affects insurance, loans & construction



To access the FloodMaps Portal, visit

More information about the FloodMaps Portal can be found at