Center for Climate Strategies Adaptation Guidebook: Comprehensive Climate Action

The Center for Climate Strategies Adaptation Guidebook is not a tool exclusively developed for Louisiana communities, but for any community interested in climate adaptation.

The guidebook, developed by the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) and supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, provides a comprehensive climate action planning framework to prepare for adverse impacts prompted by frequent and more intense climatic events. The Guidebook offers a complete stepwise, fact-based, sector-specific methodology for developing and implementing an adaptation strategy at the multi-state, state/province, regional, or local levels. It is intended for communities who want to better anticipate, manage, and reduce the risks and impacts of climate change, as well as those interested in pursuing opportunities for optimizing strong climate investments and policy making.

The Adaptation Guidebook contains a list of current adaptation options, state and local adaptation plan reviews, and guidance/metrics for adaptation planning. Each chapter can be used independently as a standalone resource, or the chapters can be used together as a sequential guidance detailing the process of completing a comprehensive adaptation plan. The Guidebook presents the many steps involved in building such a plan. For instance, it covers the identification and prioritization of major topic areas; the identification of potential adaptation options for each of these topic areas; the development of optimization approaches for evaluating the different adaptation options (e.g. benefit-cost, cost-effectiveness, and multicriteria analyses); other methodologies to evaluate the different adaptation options (e.g. externalities, distributional impacts, equity, and other feasibility issues); and, finally, the development of an aggregate economic, environmental, and social impact of all options in the adaptation plan.

Lastly, the guidebook offers government perspectives on adaptation and insights into the implementation of a final strategy.