Baton Rouge Area Foundation

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation provides planning and funding assistance to local governments, institutions, non-profits, and community groups in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area.

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation (BRAF) is a community foundation providing two essential functions for the capital region: (i) connect philanthropists with nonprofits to make sure the needs of Baton Rouge communities are met, help donors create a lasting legacy, and fulfill philanthropic goals; (ii) initiate and manage civic leadership projects. Through charitable accounts, the Foundation issues grants to nonprofits and provides assistance to underwrite civic leadership projects, such as city revitalizations and school reforms.


The foundation is funded by generous donors and members, which include individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, among others. Through these partnerships, BRAF has granted more than $275 million over 48 years to enhance the quality of life in southern Louisiana.

Louisiana  Initiatives

The Foundation has initiated and implemented several projects to date. The Plan Baton Rouge initiative underpinned the rebirth of downtown Baton Rouge and the revitalization of neighborhoods between Louisiana State University and the downtown area. The Water Institute of the Gulf, another BRAF initiative, is an independent research-driven entity dedicated to advancing the understanding of coastal and deltaic systems and the application of scientific and technological solutions for the benefit of society. The Water Institute of the Gulf is developing science and technology in Louisiana to inform the federal and state’s coastal restoration and hurricane protection efforts, as well as building local-level capacity and expertise that is competitive at a national and global scale.

The Baton Rouge City Stats was initiated in 2008 to track the quality of life for East Baton Rouge residents. It produces annual reports based on more than 70 ‘quality of life’ indicators. The project is a roadmap for community improvement, providing community members with historical information on the parish, its current status, and trajectories for the future. The Foundation and its donors use this tool to assist in making decisions about grants and selecting civic leadership initiatives. Other civic groups and policymakers can also use this tool to deliver solutions that make East Baton Rouge a better place to live.