U.S. Small Business Administration


U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is an independent agency of the federal government created to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns. Their mission is to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation. SBA provides loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses.


SBA Business Disaster Loan Program

Low-interest, long-term loans to businesses to repair or replace damaged property owned by the business, including real estate, machinery and equipment, inventory, and supplies. Businesses of any size are eligible, as well as nonprofit organizations, such as charities, churches, and private universities are also eligible. Business loan amounts are limited to $1,500,000.

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SBA 504 Loan Program

The program approves small businesses with long-term, fixed-rate financing used to acquire fixed assets for expansion or modernization. SBA typically provides 40% of the total project’s cost, a participating lender covers up to 50% of the total project costs, and the borrower contributes 10% of the project costs.

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Rural Business Investment Program

Promotes economic development in mostly rural areas by helping to meet the equity capital investment needs of smaller enterprises located in such areas.

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Loans and Grants Search Tool

Database with information about loans and grants targeted for small businesses.

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