U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency


U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a federal agency that sets policies and regulations relating to disaster management looking to build, sustain, and improve U.S. capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards. Through FEMA funds are provided to state and local governments for hazard mitigation and recovery.


Preparedness Non-Disaster Grants

The aim of this grant is to enhance the capacity of state and local emergency responders to prevent, respond to, and recover from a weapons of mass destruction terrorism incident involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive devices and cyber attacks.

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Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Programs

Funding for eligible mitigation activities that reduce disaster losses and protect life and property from future disaster damages. FEMA’s HMA grants are provided to eligible applicants (States/Tribes/Territories) that, in turn, provide subgrants to local governments and communities.

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Flood Mitigation Assistance Program

Funds are provided to assist states and communities implement measures that reduce or eliminate the long-term risk of flood damage to buildings, manufactured homes, and other structures insured under the NFIP. three types of grants are available: planning grants, project grants, management cost grants.
A priority of the FMA Program is to fund flood mitigation activities that reduce the number of repetitie loss structures insured by the NFIP.

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Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program

Funds are provided to states, territories, Indian tribal governments, communities, and universities for hazard mitigation planning and the implementation of mitigation projects prior to a disaster event. Funds are awarded without reference to any formula-based allocation of funds, rather ont a on a nationally competitive basis with $550,000 allotted to each state and territory that submits eligible projects.

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Repetitive Flood Claims Program

Eligible activities under this grant include acquisition and demolition of flood-prone structures, relocation of flood-prone structures to a new lot with the flood-prone lot deeded as restricted open space; elevations; wet or dry flood-proofing of non-residential structures; minor localized flood control projects (funding limited to $1M per project)

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Severe Repetitive Loss Program

Provides funding to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk of flood damage to severe repetitive loss structures insured under the NFIP.

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FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program

The program integrates historic preservation considerations into FEMA’s mission of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. During disaster recovery operations, the agency assesses damages to historic and cultural resources, provides technical assistance to States and local jurisdictions, and ensures compliance with applicable Federal Law and regulations, such as the National Historic Preservation Act.

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