U.S. Dept. of Commerce, International Trade Administration

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The mission of the Department of Commerce is to promote job creation and improved living standards for all Americans by creating an infrastructure that promotes economic growth, technological competitiveness, and sustainable development. Among its tasks is the provision of grants to promote economic growth through increasing competitiviness in the international setting.



Market Development Cooperator Program

Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) awards include financial and technical assistance from the International Trade Administration (ITA) to support projects that help U.S. companies to export.

An MDCP award establishes a partnership between ITA and non-profit industry groups such as trade associations and chambers of commerce. The non-profit groups compete for a limited number of MDCP awards by proposing innovative projects that generate exports that create or sustain U.S. jobs.

Industry groups pledge to pay a minimum of two-thirds of the project cost and to sustain the project after the MDCP award period ends. On average from 1997 through 2017, projects generated $347 in exports for every $1 of MDCP awards made.

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