Office of Lieutenant Governor, Dept. of Culture, Rec. and Tourism, Division of Historic Preservation


The Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism Office of the Lieutenant Governor aims to provide the highest quality of service and programs through the preservation, promotion, and development of Louisiana’s historical, cultural, educational, natural, and recreational resources, thereby enhancing the quality of life of Louisiana’s citizens and encouraging economic growth while re-imaging Louisiana as a great place to live, work, and play. As part of its activities, several financial resources are provided for initiatives related with these goals.



Louisiana Main Street Redevelopment Incentive Grant

The program is intended to be a catalyst for the rehabilitation of the exteriors and interiors of historic commercial buildings located within the downtown areas of designated Louisiana Main Street cities.

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Grants Information

Database for grants and other resources for the preservation and restoration of historical buildings.

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Tax Credits

Louisiana Historic Preservation Tax Credits- State Commercial Tax Credit

The purpose of these tax credits is to encourage the preservation of historic buildings through incentives to support rehabilitation of historic and older buildings. It includes tax credits to historical commercial as well as residential historical buildings.

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Restoration Tax Abatement Program

Under normal circumstances, if an owner improves, renovates or adds on to a building, the assessed value goes up and so do the property taxes. Under the RTA Program, the assessed value and the property assessment can be frozen at the pre-improvement level for five years, resulting in substantial tax savings.

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