Best Practice Case Studies

Case studies that examine resiliency planning.

Funding Opportunities

Financial assistance for resiliency planning.

Outside Resources

List of federal and regional agencies with resiliency resources.


Inland from the Coast

Inland from the Coast is a research project funded by the National Academies of Sciences and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The project seeks to improve our understanding of inland-coastal environmental conditions and vulnerabilities; determine indicators of community health and wellbeing; and develop design and planning best practices for reducing risk and increasing adaptive capacity.


Louisiana Community Resilience Institute

LCRI is a 3-part program focused on helping elected officials better understand the importance of planning and design in improving community resilience.

This carefully constructed agenda helps elected officials learn how to better approach the challenges confronting their communities through the lens of resilient community design.


Resilience Workshops

Resilience workshops and webinars hosted by the Coastal Sustainability Studio.

Resilience planning can help us stop wondering and start acting—not just to save our way of life but to make it better than ever.