Webinar: Community Rating System

The Gulf of Mexico Climate Community of Practice hosted a Webinar in February 2014 with Wesley Shaw to discuss climate change in the Community Rating System (CRS). It provides a brief overview of the CRS, how climate change is integrated in the CRS, and outreach strategies supported by the CRS that can be used to inform others about climate change.

Wesley Shaw is a coastal hazards specialist and Principal of Blue Urchin, a consulting company focused on finding new solutions for the persistent challenges facing coastal communities, especially those related to coastal climate and weather hazards. He has over 15 years experience working in coastal areas around the country. As a NOAA Coastal Management Fellow in the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, he led the development of the original StormSmart Coasts Program, which worked to help communities address the challenges of storms, flooding, sea level rise, and climate change.